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Walter Crane / Photo 1902
Walter Crane; English painter; Liverpool
15.8.1845 – London 17.3.1915.
Portrait shot (light print by photograph), 1902, by Frederick Hollyer, London.
Neptune’s Steeds
Der Triumph der Arbeit – Gedenkblatt zur Erinnerung an die internationale Feier des 1. Mai 1891 – den Arbeitern aller Länder gewidmet
Der Triumph der Sozialdemokratie 1864 – 1904
In Memory of the Paris Commune
Solidarity of Labour
Hoch das freie Wahlrecht
Let me help with some o’ those Ma’am
Signs of Spring
The Garden
Great Peonies in crimson pride (…)
The sullen winter nearly spent, / Queen Flora to her garden
And Love’s own flower the blushing rose (…)
The blazing Sunflower, black and bold, / burns yet (…)
Oedipus and the Sphinx
Fair Columbines that drew the car of Venus (…A)
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August 2020: 175 years since the Birth of Walter Crane
English artist and illustrator Walter Crane (15 August 1845-14 March 1915) was one of the leading representatives of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

Also a prolific children’s book illustrator and a political activist, he created a number of iconic images associated with the international Socialist Movement.

Although not himself an anarchist, Crane contributed to several libertarian publishers, including Liberty Press and Freedom Press. He is credited with the design and decoration of the front facade of "The Bomb Shop", Henderson's bookshop at 66 Charing Cross Road, London specializing in left-wing and radical literature.