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Ernst Barlach, portrait / photo
Barlach, Ernst German sculptor, graphic artist and poet Wedel, Holstein (Germany) 2.1.1870 –
Rostock (Germany) 24.10.1938.


Photograph, 1934 (Hildegard...
Ernst Barlach
The Flute Player
Head of the Hovering Angel
Hovering Angel
Hovering angel
Hovering Angel
Holy Spirit Defeating Evil
Singender Mann
Singing Man
Holy Spirit Defeating Evil
The Dancer
The Avenger
Russian Beggar Woman with Bowl
Russian Beggar Woman II
Russian Lovers
The Singing Man
Worried Woman
Merry One-Leg
Melon Cutter
Astrologer I
Astrologer II
The Walker
The Avenger
The Dreamer
Floating God the Father
Freezing Girl
The Crossing
The Blind and the Lame
Mother and Child
The Singer
Standing Farmer's Wife
The Doubter
Freezing Crone
Beggar Woman
Reading Monks
The Abandoned
Happy Family
Draped Seated Woman
Faust and Mephistopheles II
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Ernst Barlach (1870 - 1938)
2nd January 2020 - 150th Birthday
24th October 2023 - 85th

Ernst Barlach (1870 – 1938), German expressionist sculptor, printmaker and writer.
Barlach became known for his magnificent wood and bronze sculptures, which were greatly influenced by realism and expressionism.

He once said about his work: "The outside and the inside are the same".
German artist Käthe Kollwitz (1867 – 1945), added to this in 1939: "His work is the same, inside and out. Shape and content correspond perfectly ..... that is why his work has such integrity".

"Nobody was less grounded than this artist, who, nevertheless, was able to give a voice to the silent creatures around him, giving shape to their unconscious feelings" Heinrich Mann, 1938.