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Six-Day Racing / Berlin / Poster
Sport / Cycling.

“Six-Day Racing”.

Poster by Hans Rudi Erdt (1883–1925),
Germany, Berlin, 1910.
Print: Hollerbaum & Schmidt, Berlin.
Colour lithograph, 69 × 95...
24. Berliner Sechstagerennen
French Six-Day Bicycle Rider
26. Berliner Sechstagerennen
Radrennsieger II
L'intérieur du Vélodrome d'hiver (le Vel'd'Hiv) de Paris, dans les années 30 / Reconstitution 3D
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Sixdays Berlin
Professional cycling and party - this combination is offered by a six-day race.
The first one took place in 1875 in Birmingham, England; Berlin did not follow until 1909, but it is the first six-day race in continental Europe.
Many of the world's best cyclists are at the start and participate in different races in a team of two.
Next to sports, the public can be entertained with music and other performances.
Even though the climax of the popularity of the six-day races is in the "Golden Twenties", the special atmosphere in the Velodrom still has a certain fascination.