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Troops Resting
Troops Resting
Troops Resting
Nevinson, Christopher R.W. 1889–1946.

“Troops Resting”.

Oil on canvas, 71 × 91.5cm.
London, Imperial War Museum.
Column on the March
Self-portrait as a Prisoner of War
Battery Position in a Wood
Self-portrait as soldier
Der Streichholzhändler I
Northern France 1917
Der Krieg
The Road
From the Battles of Aisne
The Charge of the Lancers
Le ravin de la mort a Verdun
A Battery Shelled
Apocalyptic landscape
The Harvest of Battle
An Exploding Shell
Imperial-Royal Mountain Rifleman
Storming of Belgrade on the 7th of October (…)
Die Skagerrakschlacht
Observation Post near Chevreux
Judgement Day
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World War One in Paintings
The horrors of the Great War were both the subject and trigger for a substantial amount of artistic activity and movements. Here is a selection of paintings from the period, encompassing a range of different styles and techniques, as well as topics.

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