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Contra-compositie XIII
Contra-compositie XIII
Contra-compositie XIII
Doesburg, Theo van (originally Christian E.M.Küpper) 1883–1931.
“Contra-compositie XIII”, 1925–1926.
Oil on canvas, 49.9 × 50 cm.

Inv. Nr. 76.2553.41
Venice, Peggy...
Design for the entrance hall of a university
Counter-Composition V
Dancing Couple
Composition 'The Style'
Still Life Composition 'Hammer and Saw'
Project of a poster
Arithmetic composition
Composition XII en noir et blanc
Contra-Construction de la Maison parti– culière
Composition, XVII
Composition in dissonance
Study for a Composition
Geometrical Composition
Three houses (tree with houses)
Lena in an Interior, Study for the Composition XIII
Composition in Grey
Composition IX, Opus 18: (Abstraction of the card players)
Composition with White Head
The Woodcutters
Construction I
The card players
Contra-Construction Project (Axonometric)
Poster für eine kleine Dada-Soirée
Composition with Figure
White, Black, Red and Green
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De Stijl 1917
2017 - 100th Anniversary.

De Stijl, an international art movement consisting of painters,
architects and designers, was founded in 1917 in Leiden, Holland and published and art magazine of the same name.

The art movement around Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg influenced the Bauhaus and shaped our everyday life from the first half of the 20th Century onward.

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