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Warsaw Uprising / Polish Prisoners
World War II / Poland under German occupation / Warsaw Uprising of the National Polish Home Army, from 1 August until its defeat on 2 October 1944.

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August 2019: 75th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising
August 2019: 75th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising,
1 August – 2 October 1944 (63 days).

The Warsaw Uprising, was a major World War II operation by the Polish underground resistance led by the Home Army to liberate Warsaw from German occupation in the summer of 1944.

The uprising was timed to coincide with the retreat of the German forces from Poland ahead of the Soviet advance.

While approaching the eastern suburbs of the city, the Red Army temporarily halted combat operations, enabling the Germans to regroup and defeat the Polish resistance and to raze the city in reprisal. The Uprising was fought for 63 days with little outside support. It was the single largest military effort taken by any European resistance movement during World War II.

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