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Franz I, Emperor of Austria (1804–1835 (previously known as Franz II Roman Emperor 1792–1806), Florence 12.2.1768 – Vienna

“Emperor Franz I in the Order...
Emperor Francis II
Die Heilige Allianz
Zusammenkunft der Hohen Regierenden Monarchen (..)
The Arrival of Emperor Francis I after the Treaty Paris
Franz I grants a general audience
The Battle of Nations, Leipzig 1813
The Battle of Tournai on 22nd May 1794
Emperor Franz I surveys the building of the Cholera-Kanal
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Emperor Franz I (1768 - 1835)
Franz I., Emperor of Austria and Hungary (1804 - 1835) was at the same time, as Franz II. the last emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. On August 6,1806, with his declaration of resignation, he laid down the German imperial crown and thus reacted to Napoleon's striving for hegemony in Central Europe.