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1918/19 Europe
2018/19 - 100th anniversary
Birth of the democracies

The old structures collapsed, the political landscape of Europe changed considerably. With Austria-Hungary, Russia and the Ottoman Empire, three multi-ethnic nations collapsed.

The German Empire was affected by the events of the November Revolution - on November 9, 1918 Philipp Scheidemann proclaimed the republic and when two days later the Armistice of 11 November 1918 was signed, four years of war ended and peace finally came to Europe.

The fall of the monarchies in 1918 - Romanov Monarchy in Russia, Hohenzollern Monarchy in Germany, Habsburg Monarchy in Austria-Hungary - marked a drastic shift in social, political and economic realities. They were replaced by democratic systems in Germany and Austria, but their stability was often called into question in the 1920s.