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Carl of zu: Ossietzky; Publicist,
Peace Nobel Prize (1935).
Hamburg 03.10.1889 – Berlin 04.05.1938.

Berlin-Charlottenburg, House Kantstraße 152 (from 1927–33 the...
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October 2019 - 130 Years since the Birth of Carl von Ossietzky
3rd October 2019 = 130 years since the birth of Carl von Ossietzky.

Carl von Ossietzky, 3 October 1889 – 4 May 1938,
German pacifist and the recipient of the 1935 Nobel Peace Prize for his work in exposing the clandestine German re-armament.
He was convicted of espionage in 1931 after publishing details of Germany's violation of the Treaty of Versailles by rebuilding an air force, the predecessor of the Luftwaffe, and training pilots in the Soviet Union.

In 1990, his daughter, Rosalinde von Ossietzky-Palm, campaigned for a reversal of her father's conviction, but in 1992, Ossietzky's 1931 conviction of espionage was upheld by Germany's Bundesgerichtshof (Federal Court of Justice), applying the law as it stood in 1931.