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Aborigine Art / Australia / 1996–97
Australia / Aborigine Art.

Rock painting.

Kakadu National Park, Arnhemland,
Northern Territory (Australia).
Photo, 1996/97.
(No futher details available).
Figur eines Mokoy-Geistes
Man’s Story
Designs associated with the travels travels of men of the R
Wolf Creek Crater
Budgerigar Dreaming
Lissadell Ceremonial Figures
10 Mimihs
The Rainbow Serpent at Dualgur
Alhalkere (My Country)
Ord River
Fish trap at Gangan
No title
No title
Old man (Yina) dreaming
Small birds travel near Kininyuru
Natives of New Holland. Malayen race
Natives of New Holland. Negro-like Papua race
Natives of New Holland. Malayen race
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Art of the Aborigines
Art of the Aborigines - Full of Secrets

The Aborigines of Australia cultivate the oldest still existing art tradition of the world. For 40,000 years the Aborigines have been making art that is above all colourful and decorative and at first glance strange, but full of special stories and still belongs to the living tradition of the red continent.