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Libelle / Foto
Entomologie / Libellen (Odonata).

“Libelle”. Fotopostkarte, undatiert (signiert “Wurbs"?).
Net-winged insects (Neuroptera) and half-winged insects (He
Nymphaea – Water Lily
Prof. D.Raschkes Tafel der Schädlinge des Obst-Garten-Gemüsebaues und der Landwirtschaft
Buchstabe J (Juin)
Die Mücke ist tot
Bouquet of Flowers with Butterfly and Bird
Panneau de lambris
Fruchtfliege Drosophila
Lépidoptères crépusculaires et nocturnes
Chaffinches and Dragonflies
Maske Laus
Still Life with Fruit
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Where are they all...???

The dwarf dragonfly (Nehalennia speciosa) was recently voted "Dragonfly of the year 2018", also or above all to draw attention to the diversity of species and their threat.

But not only 48 native dragonfly species are on the Red List of endangered insects, but also a large number of other species.
For several months now, there has been talk of the great insect deaths in Germany. What this means for insect-dependent plants and birds that depend on insects as a food source can easily be calculated - should the results and numbers of the researchers be correct.

It is to be hoped that the dramatic development can at least be halted and that it will buzz again next spring.

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Climate Change & extinction of species