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Friedrich von Schiller; The German poet.
Marbach (Wuerttemberg) 10.11.1759 – Weimar 9.5. 1805th.

– “Portrait of Friedrich von Schiller”. –


Painting, circa...
Weimar 1803
Schiller’s garden house, Jena
Weimar’s Golden Days
Fr. v. Schiller
Schiller, Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt and Goethe in Jena
Wagner cast
William Tell
(…) nur Schwärme / Von Kranichen begleiten ihn
Schiller’s coat of arms
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November 2019 - 260 Years Since the Birth of Friedrich Schiller
10th November 2019 - 260 Years Since the Birth of Friedrich Schiller.

Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller, 10 November 1759 – 9 May 1805, German poet, philosopher, physician, historian and playwright.

In 1780, he obtained a post as regimental doctor in Stuttgart, a job he disliked. In order to attend the first performance of The Robbers in Mannheim, Schiller left his regiment without permission. As a result, he was arrested, sentenced to 14 days of imprisonment and forbidden from publishing any further works.

Schiller fled from Stuttgart and settled in Weimar in 1778. There he became a member of an intellectual circle and struck up a productive, if complicated, friendship with the already famous and influential Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. They frequently discussed issues concerning aesthetics and Schiller encouraged Goethe to finish works he left as sketches. This relationship with Goethe led to a period now referred to as Weimar Classicism. They also worked together on Xenien, a collection of short satirical poems in which both Schiller and Goethe challenge opponents of their philosophical vision.

For his achievements, Schiller was ennobled in 1802 by the Duke of Saxe-Weimar, adding the nobiliary particle "von" to his name. Schiller died at the age of 45 from tuberculosis in 1805.