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The towers of Istanbul
The towers of Istanbul
The towers of Istanbul
City panorama over the rooftops of the old city of Istanbul with a view of the business and financial district from the roof of the
Sultan Ahmed Mosque or Blue Mosque....
Street sale in Istanbul
Simit sales mann Istanbul
Istanbul views
Istanbul panorama
Old wooden house in Istanbul
Goods transport in Istanbul
Galatasaray – Taksim Tram
Emergency shelter in Istanbul
Street vendor in Istanbul
Wooden house in Istanbul
Cemetery Mezarligi in Istanbul
The Sultan Ahmed Mosque and Hagia Sophia
Fleischer im Stadteil Fatih in Istanbul
Minaret of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque
Angler in Istanbul
Blick auf Istanbul
Sultan Bayezid Mosque
Tram in Beyoglu
grave stone
at the Golden Horn
Angeln auf der Galata Brücke
On the Bosporus
Einkauf in Istanbul
Sultan Ahmed Mosque
Stadtansicht von Istanbul
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
Above the roofs of Istanbul
Ashen synagogue in Istanbul
The Bosphorus with the Sultan Ahmed Mosque
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Istanbul by Benjamin Ochse
Friends and admirers of his photography called him "The Eye of Istanbul", but he preferred to see himself as a citizen of the world and a photographer of the world.
On 17 October 2018, the renowned photographer Ara Güler died in his hometown Istanbul, which he portrayed like no other since the 1950s. But he also worked internationally and became a member of the Magnum agency in 1956.

As a tribute to Ara Güler, we show photographs by Benjamin Ochse that were taken on a trip to Istanbul in spring 2015.

Benjamin Ochse has been working internationally as a designer, photographer and lecturer since 1986 and now runs his own studio pixeltransfer design studio in Berlin.