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Portrait of Henny Porten / Photo c.1915
Porten, Frieda Ulricke "Henny",
1890 – 1960,
German actress and film producer of the silent era, and Germany's first major film star.


Photo, c.1915.
Anna Boleyn
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Henny Porten (1890 - 1960)
7th January 2020 - 130th birthday.
15 October 2020 - 60th anniversary of her death.

Frieda Ulricke "Henny" Porten, 7 January 1890 – 15 October 1960,
German actress and film producer of the silent era. She was Germany's first major film star and one of the few German actress of the era to enter film without having stage experience. She appeared in more than 170 films between 1906 and 1955.

When the Nazis took power and she refused to divorce her Jewish husband, she found that her career, while doing twelve films a year, dissolved immediately. She and her husband tried to emigrate, but were denied exit visas. In 1944, after an aerial mine destroyed her home, she and her husband were homeless, as it was forbidden to shelter Jewish people.