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Els Ports, Morella, Casa Roque Restaurant: Truffles
Els Ports (comarca): Morella, Casa Roque restaurante: truffles (Els Ports – Maestrat / Maestrazgo region).
Les poissons noirs
210 Coca-Cola Bottles
A breakfast table with a blackberry pie
Sea Cucumber
Sea Cucumber and Chestnut: Edible Treasures
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Black Food
Black burgers, black croissants, smoothies or black ice cream are trendy for some time now and are the favourite in stylish city cafés.

The colour comes not from the ink of the squid, as with the spaghetti neri in Italy, but from activated carbon. The also very trendy "Black Detox-Kur" is purifying and detoxifying. In the meantime, however, doctors and scientists are warning that all too frequent consumption causes constipation. In addition, activated carbon cannot distinguish which substances it binds to itself in the body.

That's why we prefer to stay with natural black food and enjoy wild rice, truffles and blackberries.