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Political Assasinations During the Weimar Republic
History / Germany / Weimar Republic:
Political assassinations during the Weimar Republic:
Until 1922 ring-wing extremists committed 354 politically motivated murders.

The judiciary, part of the old elites - mostly nationalist prosecutors and judges from the imperial era - were more than lenient with the perpetrators, who in many cases belonged to the 'Organization Consul'. Thus, the murders, which had an anti-democratic and anti-Semitic background, often went unpunished.
The victims were left-wing politicians and intellectuals, as well as leading politicians of the Weimar Republic, such as Finance Minister Matthias Erzberger and Foreign Minister Walther Rathenau.

1919 Karl Liebknecht - KPD

1919 Rosa Luxemburg - KPD

1919 Kurt Eisner - first Bavarian Prime Minister

1919 Leo Jogiches - KPD

1919 Gustav Landauer - Pazifist and People's Deputy for Culture

1921 Matthias Erzberger - Center Party, Minister of Finance

1922 Walther Rathenau - DDP, Foreign Minister

1922 Philipp Scheidemann
SPD Politiker
1922 Maximilian Harden - journalist