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Political Assasinations During the 'Weimar Republic'
"The enemy is on the right"
reminded Reich Chancellor Joseph Wirth in his eulogy in 1922 after the assassination of German Foreign Minister Walther Rathenau in the Reichstag.

Political assassinations during the Weimar Republic:
Until 1922 ring-wing extremists committed 354 politically motivated murders.

The judiciary, part of the old elites - mostly nationalist prosecutors and judges from the imperial era - were more than lenient with the perpetrators, who in many cases belonged to the 'Organization Consul'. Thus, the murders, which had an anti-democratic and anti-Semitic background, often went unpunished.
The victims were left-wing politicians and intellectuals, as well as leading politicians of the Weimar Republic, such as Finance Minister Matthias Erzberger and Foreign Minister Walther Rathenau.

1919 Rosa Luxemburg - KPD

1919 Karl Liebknecht KPD

1919 Kurt Eisner - USPD
erster bayerischer Ministerpräsident

1919 Leo Jogiches - KPD

1919 Gustav Landauer
Pazifist u. Volksbeauftragter für Kultur

1921 Matthias Erzberger
Zentrums-Partei, Finanzminister

1922 Philipp Scheidemann
SPD Politiker

1922 Walther Rathenau
DDP, Außenminister

1922 Maximilian Harden - Journalist

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