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Berlin / Lenin Memorial / Fragments
re: Berlin (Germany),
Lenin Memorial, Leninplatz
(1970 by Nikolai Tomski; demolished 1991).

Segments of the Lenin memorial: the head.

Photo, Juni 1992.
Knight Wedigo von Plotho
Berlin. Siegesallee
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Berlin and its monuments
Lenin's Head & the Sculptures of Siegesallee

The cultural-historical exhibition (2015) in the citadel of Spandau 'Unveiled. Berlin and its monuments' shows in addition to the sculptures of the Siegesallee the head of the Lenin monument buried in the Köpenicker Forst in 1991.

Many of Berlin's political monuments are no longer located in their original location and have been removed not only from their urbanistic context but also from their contemporary context. The exhibition discusses questions on the monument concepts of the respective systems of power and how to deal with monuments of the following generations.