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Joseph Ignace Guillotin, Doctor and Inventor of the Guillotine. Painting. Musée Carnavalet, Paris.
La Guillotine
The Real Guillotine
Guillotine, 1907
Guillotine, um 1900
Anatole Deibler bereitet die Guillotine vor, Paris, um 1900
Der Henker Tifacé neben der Guillotine, um 1890
Machine proposée à l’Assemblé Natio– nale (…)
The Guillotine of Paris
Marie Antoinette on her way to the guillotine
My people, I die innocent!
French Revolution: Louis XVI is led to the execution
Execution of Louis XVI.
Year II
Le guillotiné
Charlotte Cordey’s execution
A Republican Beau – A Picture of Paris for 1794
Das letzte Glas Rum vor der Guillotine, 1892
La Peine de mort
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On 28 November 1789 the doctor Joseph Guillotin and the surgeon Antoine Louis stood before deputies of the French National Constituent Assembly and presented a model of Louis' invention: a machine for beheading those condemned to death. This contraption, dubbed a 'guillotine', had the advantage of ensuring a quick death, unlike decapitation with an axe or sword, hanging or quartering. Executions by guillotine were public events in France until 29 June 1939 and the last execution by this method took place on 10 September 1977. The death penalty was finally abolished in France on 9 October 1981.