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Christmas celebrations at the Front
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First World War.

Christmas celebrations at the Front: German soldiers around a Christmas tree.

Photo, undated.
Gesegnete Weihnachten
Wesolych Swiat
Bei der Balkanarmee. Der Weihnachts– engel: ‘Auch wenn ihr noch so stürmisch vorrückt, die Liebe der Euren kommt mit Euch mit!'
Am Heiligen Abend
Christmas on the Watch
Herzlichen Weihnachtsgruss
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Christmas at War
The UK supermarket Sainsbury's has chosen to look back 100 years in its Christmas advertisement for 2014. Made in partnership with the Royal British Legion, the advert dramatises the Christmas truce of 1914, when soldiers on both sides of the First World War swapped their weapons for footballs and celebrated Christmas together.

We have found the best images of Christmas at War from the akg archive. As we're originally a German archive, these images are mostly from the German point of view and are a fascinating glimpse of how, throughout the First World War, soldiers on both sides marked Christmas as best they could.