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Shop Window with Winter Coats / Photo 1959
Fashion, Women's Fashion.

Shop window with women's winter coats for sale.

Photo, 1959.
Tivoli Guard
Lönstrup beach from above
Town Hall Square
Gerona - Steps
Gerona - Alleyway
Tossa - Street
Tossa - Town
Tossa - Ship
Tossa - Beach
Sylt - BMW Isetta
Pallanza - Lago Maggiore
B. at the boat in Lönstrup
Beach - Grado
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Bernhard Wübbel
akg-images is pleased to represent the photographic collection of Dr Bernhard Wübbel. He was born in Nahne near Osnabrück in 1921 and was a keen musician and painter, as well as being a talented photographer. His colour photographs, predominantly covering the 1950s and 1960s, capture tourist destinations just as they were being discovered.
We think the vintage colour and period fashions make these images perfect for book covers and greetings cards and welcome any other suggestions you might have on how best to use this lovely collection of photos.

If you would like to find out more about Dr Wübbel and his travels, why not go to our blog