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Carl Zeiss / Photo c. 1885
Zeiss, Carl; Precision engineer, industrialist (founded the Zeiss Works in Jena in 1846 for precision engineering and optical instruments); Weimar 11.9.1816 – Jena...
Carl Zeiss, Optische Werkstaette Jena. Microscopes, Jumelles de campage (..)
3rd workshop (Johannisplatz) from 1 November 1858 – 1 April 1881
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September 2016: 200 years since the birth of Carl Zeiss
September 2016 marks 200 years since the birth of Carl Zeiss (German industrialist and maker of optical instruments; 11 September 1816 – 3 December 1888).

Carl Zeiss is best known for founding the company Carl Zeiss Jena (now: Carl Zeiss AG). His company contributed to the innovation of various lenses, initially used in microscopes and later applied to the recently-invented camera.