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Protests Against the Shah of Iran's Visit to Berlin / Injured Protester / Photo, 1967
Berlin, Germany.

Protests against the official visit of the Shah of Iran Reza Pahlavi and his wife Fahra Diba to Germany.

Anti-Shah demonstrators in front of the...
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68 Student Movement
1968 has become a cipher for the protests of civil rights and student movements not only in Germany - marked by demonstrations against the Vietnam War, the Polish political crisis, the murder of civil rights activist Martin Luther King, May 68 in Paris and the quelling of the Prague Spring.

The rejection of existing social norms and traditions, in short the entire establishment, was both cause and consequence at the same time.
Almost all areas of society, from family, education to the legal system and economy, have been criticised.
This revolt, which was against the structures perceived as authoritarian and hierarchical, was the common motivational and identity core of the youth.