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Film: The Nibelungs / Scene with Paul Richter as Siegfried / 1923/24
Film: Die Nibelungen, Germany 1923/24.
Directed by Fritz Lang and produced by Erich Pommer.
Screenplay by Fritz Lang and Thea von Harbou
Based on Nibelungenlied.
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Horst von Harbou Collection
Horst von Harbou was born in Hutta, Posen in 1879 and died in 1953 in Potsdam-Babelsberg. Unfortunately, not much is known about his life. Together with his sister Thea von Harbou, a writer and screenwriter ("The Niebelungs", "Metropolis" and "M - A city seeks a murderer") he worked from the 1920s for the UFA in Babelsberg as film still photographer from 1922 to 1931 (he worked with Fritz-Lang on all of his films until Lang's emigration). The exclusive rights to the complete work of Horst von Harbous are handled by the Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek, which cooperates with akg-images.