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Egon Schiele with Paining / Photo 1911.
Schiele, Egon, Austrian painter, 1890 – 1918.

Egon Schiele holding up his painting: “Herbstbaeume in bewegter Luft” (Autumn trees in a breeze).

Photograph, 1911....
Self-portrait as Saint Sebastian
Self-Portrait with Black Vase
Self-portrait with naked shoulder pulled up
Self portrait
Self portrait in a brown coat
Selbstbildnis, Schulterbüste
Self-portrait with striped protective sleeves
Back view of a standing nude
Hockender weiblicher Akt
Portrait of Wally
Kauernde mit grünem Kopftuch
Edith Schiele in Striped Dress, Seated
Self portrait with hand on cheek
Liegender weiblicher Akt auf rotem Tuch
Zwei Freundinnen
Trauernde Frau
Four Trees
Woman in Red, Standing
Nude self portrait, squatting
Self-Portrait with Hand Behind the Head
Nude girl with arms crossed across her chest
Vorstadt I
Kopf eines Heiligen
The Hermits
House with drying washing
Self-Portrait with Orange Jacket
Girl with Black Hair and Hat
Portrait of Edith Schiele
Stehendes nacktes Mädchen mit Strümpfen
Mother and Daughter
Young Female Nude Against a Colourful Cloth
Wally in roter Bluse mit erhobenen Knien
Kauernder Rueckenakt
Back View of Seated Nude in a Red Skirt
Nude black-haired girl, standing
Girl with Black Apron
Reclining Girl on a Pillow
Sitzendes Paar
Female Lovers
Crouching Young Nude
Nude with Long Hair Sitting Up
Nude with Red Hair Lying on her Stomach
Reclining Woman With Green Stockings
Female Nude on a Checkered Blanket
Portrait of Albert Paris Gütersloh
Drei Gassenbuben
Bildnis Eva Steiner
Weiblicher Torso mit hochgezogenem Hemd
Nude Girls Embracing
Liegender Frauenakt mit grünen Strümpfen
Selbstporträt mit an die Brust gelegten Händen
Erwin Dominik Osen mit aneinandergelegten Fingerspitzen
Sitting self portrait, nude
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Intimate portraits by Egon Schiele
October 2018 marks 100 years since the death of Egon Schiele (Austrian painter; 12 June 1890 – 31 October 1918):

When Austrian artist Egon Schiele died of Spanish flu in 1918, he left behind an incredible body of work. At times explicit, grotesque and twisted, his art is defined by its brutality and its honesty. akg-images has an impressive collection of paintings of and by Schiele, including many of his stunning self-portraits. We chose some of our favourites for this selection.