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Kate Perugini / painting by J.E.Millais.
Perugini, Kate; born Macready Dickens.
English painter, daughter of author Charles Dickens;
29.10.1839 London – 9.5.1929.


Painting, 1880, by John Everett...
La morfinomane
On a Summer Meadow
L’attente, rue de Chateaubriand, a Paris
Portrait of Gabrielle Drienza
Le Prétendant
Madeleine Bernard
Marie Monnom
Madame Roger Jourdain
Le Billet
'Interior with lady'
'Portrait of Marguerite van Mons'
Portrait of the Comtesse Mégrot de Cadignan
Ritratto femminile
The Unknown One
Femme à l'ombrelle tournée vers la gauche
Madame Charles Max
Young Woman with an Umbrella
La Dame en bleu
'In a street: woman with muff'
Lady in Pink
Portrait of Princess Sinaida Nikola– yevna Yussupova
Lady Campbell (Nina Lehmann)
Elsa, Known as the Viennese
Lucy Scholderer
Die Geigenspielerin
Portrait of a Young Lady
Portrait of Maria Piccolelli d’Aragon
Mädchen mit Blumen in der Hand am Rand eines Waldes
Portrait of Signorina Concha de Ossa
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