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El Greco, Jakobus d. Ä.
El Greco, eigentl. Domenikos Theotokopoulos 1541–1614.

“Der Apostel Jakobus der Ältere”,

um 1610/14.
Öl auf Leinwand, 97 × 77 cm.
Aus einer Serie der zwölf Apostel,...
Ape, boy lighting a candle and man
The Lady with the fur
The Burial of Count Orgaz
The Burial of the Count of Orgáz
Peter the Apostle
Saint Andrew and Saint Francis
Philip the Apostle
Magdalene doing Penance
The Virgin Mary
Coronation of the Virgin
Portrait of a Gentleman
Christ at the Mount of Olives
Saint Sebastian
Christ the Redeemer
The Marriage of Mary
Christ on the cross and two donors
The Apostle Paul
The Holy Family with Saint Elisabeth (or Anna) and the boy
The Holy Family with Saint Anna
The Evangelist Luke
Peter weeping
The Annunciation
The Last Supper
St. Dominic praying
The martyrdom of St. Maurice
Maria Immakulata
Maria Immakulata
St Francis Meditating
Saint Dominic praying
The Last Supper
St Jerome as Cardinal
The Burial of the Count of Orgáz
Simon the Apostle
Portrait of Fray Hortensio Félix Paravicino
The Holy Family with St. Anne
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The Burial of the Count of Orgáz
Disrobing of Christ
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El Greco
(1541 - 1614)