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Exterior View of the Brecht - Weigel House, Germany / Photo, 2005
Brecht, Berthold,
1898 - 1956,
German poet, playwright and theatre director.

Exterior view of the Brecht-Weigel House (historical site) in Buckow on Lake Scherm├╝tzel,...
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Angelika Fischer
Angelika Fischer, born 1947, lives as a freelance photographer in Berlin.

Her classic black-and-white photography captures the atmosphere and essence of those locations and spaces that inspired creative minds - such as the workshops, studios and homes of famous artists and writers, amongst them Otto Dix, Annette von Droste-H├╝lshoff, Gerhart Hauptmann, Thomas Mann, Walter Kempowski and Edvard Munch.

Since 2002, Angelika Fischer and her husband Bernd Fischer have been publishing her photographs in a series of booklets entitled "Menschen und Orte" (People and Places).

Here we present to you some gems from her photographic archive.