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Paris 1936, man looking through hole in fence. Image by photographer Fred Stein (1909–1967) who emigrated 1933 from Nazi Germany to France and finally to the USA....
Psyche Opening the Golden Box
Day before Christmas
Der Alchimist mit Buch in der linken Hand
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We humans are curious by nature, continuously wanting to expand our horizons. Curiosity is what motivates us to aim higher. It is what fuels new discoveries in society, be it Columbus' voyage to the Americas in 1492 or NASA's more recent Mars rover mission. On a personal level, it is what drives us to discover a new city on our travels, learn a new language, make a new acquaintance, or taste a new unfamiliar dish.

As the saying goes, the cure for boredom is curiosity!

Explore with us a few gems from the akg-images archive, and let these images inspire your own curiosity for the road ahead!

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