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Tibetischer Buddhismus, Mönche im Kloster Labrang / Foto 1988
Religion / Buddhismus / Tibetischer Buddhismus (Lamaismus).

- Zwei Mönche im Kloster Labrang / Labrang Trashi Khyil (Xiahe, Osttibet, Autonomer Bezirk Gannan der...
Seite aus aus dem Ming Tang Kong Xue Zhen Jiu Jia Zhi Yao
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China - Sabrina & Roland Michaud
According to a Chinese proverb: "When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, whilst others build windmills".

For photographers Sabrina & Roland Michaud, the Great Wall of China was like a "mirror that reflects the distinguished culture of the Chinese and the alleged barbaric nature of the nomadic tribes of the steppes..., that reveals what lies either side of the wall, and from which we try to remove the rust".

Their photographic work can be admired in the recent book "Enchanted Lands" by Prestel Publishing.