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Abolition of slavery 1865 / woodcut
Abolition of slavery in the United States 1865 (13th constitutional amendment).

Celebration of the abolition of slavery.

Woodcut, contemporary, coloured later.
Moi libre aussi 1789
Esclaves conduits par des Marchands
Liberation of slaves after the capture of a slave ship
The Execution of Braking on the Rack
Une vente d’esclaves, a Richmond
Habitants du Kery emmenes en esclavage
De l’esclavage des negres
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Slaves on Deck of the bark Wildfire, Brought into Key West
Feitors corrigeant des nègres
Sally Abson
Sugar cane harvets
Retour, à la ville, d’un propriétaire de Chacra
Sugar manufacture. / Milling of the sugar cane
Un marché d’esclaves
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December 2020: 155th Anniversary of the Abolition of Slavery in the USA
The ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment on 18 December 1865 formally ended slavery throughout the United States. The Amendment had been passed by the Senate in April 1864 and by the House of Representatives in January 1865. However it did not take effect until it was ratified by three fourths of the states, which occurred on December 6, 1865, when Georgia ratified it. On that date, all remaining slaves became officially free. Legally, the last 40,000-45,000 slaves were freed in the last two slave states of Kentucky and Delaware by the final ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution on 18 December 1865. Slaves still held in Tennessee, Kentucky, Kansas, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, Maryland, Missouri, Washington, D.C., and twelve parishes of Louisiana also became legally free on this date.

Part of the American Civil War collection.

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