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Stalingrad Okt. 1942, dt. Infanteriezug
2. Weltkrieg / Ru├člandfeldzug: Schlacht um Stalingrad August 1942 / Januar 1943.
Eroberung des Traktorenwerks, der Ziegeleien und einzelner H├Ąuserzeilen im Norden...
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Hans Eckle (1908 - 2012)
During his time as a soldier in the Second World War from 08.06.1940 to 20.05.1945, Eckle not only wrote six diaries, but also made many colour photographs. We owe him a series of colour slides that are outside the scope of official picture coverage.

On 12.08.1943 his unit approached Stalingrad, a largely destroyed city. Winter came early and the cold was hard to bear. Many soldiers fell ill with dysentery. At the end of November 1943 Eckle was taken away from Stalingrad with a freight train due to a serious injury.

In March and April 1943 he gave lectures with his colour photographs about his time as a soldier on the Eastern front. Later he was arrested by the Gestapo. "Disdain the Wehrmacht and disintegrate the military force of the German people" was the charge. However, he was acquitted by the court-martial in Konstanz.

Even at the age of 85, Hans Eckle lectured and wrote about his experiences of the Battle of Stalingrad.

Part of Zweiter Weltkrieg 1939 - 1945