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Berlin, Schloß Charlottenburg / Photo 1997
Berlin-Charlottenburg (Germany),
Schloß Charlottenburg (built 1695–99 by A. Nering and M. Grünberg; dome from 1701 by E. v. Göthe).

Detail from the cour d'honneur:...
Prussian Provinces Coat of Arms
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The Myth of Prussia
25th February 2022 - 75 years since the abolition of Prussia
20th July 2022 - 90 years since the "Coup in Prussia".

10th (28th official singing of the abdication proclamation)
November 2018 - 100 since the abdication of German Emperor Wilhelm II.

The formal abolition of Prussia (German: Abschaffung von Preussen) on 25 February 1947, by decree of the Allied Control Council.

Control Council Law No. 46:
-The Prussian State which from early days has been a bearer of militarism and reaction in Germany has de facto ceased to exist.
-Guided by the interests of preservation of peace and security of peoples and with the desire to assure further reconstruction of the political life of Germany on a democratic basis, the Control Council enacts as follows:
-The Prussian State together with its central government and all its agencies are abolished.

Already in 1943, the Allies thought it was essential that the political and military power of Germany be reduced and that the domination of Prussia over the rest of Germany needed to be broken. They were convinced, that Prussian militarism had to be removed root and branch from the postwar order.