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Friedrich Wilhelm, Elector of Brandenburg (the Great Elector); Berlin 16.2.1620 – Potsdam 9.5.1688.

Double portrait Friedrich Wilhelm (left) and Elector Johann...
Schwedischer Bundt / Mit zweyen Churfürsten / Sachsen und Brandenburg
King Augustus II of Polen on horse back
Augustus II and Frederick William I of Prussia
Reception of Augustus the Strong in the Berlin Palace
Augustus II and the Dungeon
DRESDEN an der Elb, (..)
Die Königl. Preuß. Residentz Berlin nach ihrem accuraten Grundriss (…)
Lobositz, 1. Oktober 1756
Map of the battle which took place on 5 November 1757 (…) near Rossbach near Saxony
Le Congrès.
Caroussel Comique procession
Caroussel Comique procession
Prospectus arci regiae (…) Beroli– ni
The Proclamation of the German Kaiser
Opening of the German Reichstag in the White Hall of the Berlin Schloss
Die Drei Grazien
Das Schloß?
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Prussia and Saxony
Prussia and Saxony, scenes from a relationship between neighbours

The opening of the exhibition on 6 June 2014 saw more than 4000 visitors arrive at Doberlug Castle. The castle was originally a residence of the House of Wettin. The exhibition focusses on the relationship of the neighbouring kingdoms and examines the similiarities but also the differences between them.