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Shakespeare / Richard III / Gilbert
Shakespeare, William; 1564–1614.
Works: Richard III (1592).

Richard entrusts Tyrrel with the murder.

(Illustration of Act IV, scene 2).
Colour lithography after...
William Shakespeare. / After the four best-known portraits of the 17th-cen– tury.
Death of Ophelia
Romeo and Juliet
The three witches
Sigh no more Ladies
Midsummer Night’s Dream
Desdemona Retiring to her Bed.
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Shakespeare has never been out of fashion - generations of actors have dreamed of playing Hamlet and for those who have done so it is often the pinnacle of their career. His plays are the source for films, opera and ballet.
Shakespeare is an international treasure and in many countries a theatre season is not complete without at least one of his plays. In the UK his work is experiencing a renaissance in the theatre with many well-known actors taking to the boards.
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