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Maypole / Bavaria / Photo 1948
Calender holiday / 1st May.

Maypole in a village in Bavaria.

Photo, 1948.
Gruss von der Maifeier
Vase mit Maiglöckchen
May Day celebrations 1909. Proletariat: Unity is our power
May festival
Mai-Fest 1899
May Day
Les Planteurs de May
Peasants dancing around a Maypole
Form of Moscow Kreml and Red Square on 1st May 1918: Tainiz
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May Pictures
Hardly a month arouses as many associations as May: merry month with the scent of lilac and lily of the valley in the air, May beetles, street festivals, weddings, dance into May, Mother's Day, confirmation and not to forget May 1st Labor Day. That is reason enough to share our most beautiful May pictures with you.