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Boy Selling Sarya Newspaper / Poster by Apsit
Journalism, Newspaper, Newspaper Boy.

"Sarya" (Newspaper boy selling the Sarya (Dawn) newspaper to a man on a train.

Design: Alexander Petrovich Apsit.
Luise Ullrich as Joan of Arc
Interrogation II
Spa – Ferme de Frahinfaz Café Restaurant (..)
Deux jeunes filles, printemps
Alcazar Royal
Young Woman in Red Dress
“Vue de Lagny-sur-Marne”
Two Women Fighting
Crouching Female Nude
“Parti Ouvrier”
Damenbildnis (Fräulein Hardy)
Profil de femme
Approaching Storm in La Ciotat
La couronne des fleurs
Path to the Cemetery in Papallo
Gewitter am Strand
La femme a l’ombrelle
View of Stettin
The Sisters
Street Scene in Berlin
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Another year, another artist to discover!
The new year brings us a range of talented artists who have come out of artistic copyright on the 1st January 2015. Their artworks can now be licensed via akg-images, without the need to clear any additional artistic copyrights separately.

Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian and Edvard Munch are the Big Three to watch out for this year. Here we take a look at some artistic highlights from lesser known (yet no less brilliant) artists, among them Leo von König and Aristide Maillol.

Happy browsing!