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Barcelona, Sagrada Familia, Magisches Quadrat / Foto
Barcelona (Katalonien, Spanien),
La Sagrada Familia (Kirche der Heiligen Familie)
(erb. 1883–1926; Arch.: Antonio Gaudi; unvollendet).

Teilansicht: Magisches Quadrat...
Schwarzes Quadrat
The Three Primary Colours
Red square
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The Square
Piet Mondrian, Paul Klee, Kasimir Malevich, Mark Rothko or Victor Vasarely certainly have one thing in common: the all had a fascination for the geometric form which shows in their work.
The square was believed to have magical power and so temples, monasteries, altar as well as cities were built with the square at the centre.
The square represents - in contrast to the circle as a sign of the heavens - earthly existence and its static perfection and its resulting unchangeability.