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Portrait of Franz Marc / Photo, c. 1912
Marc, Franz
1880 – 1916,
German painter.


Photo, c.1912.
Maria Franck
Nude Study (Female Nude)
Two women on the mountain (Study)
The Dream
Creation II
Three Cats
The waterfall (Women Under a Waterfall)
The White Cat
Horse in a Landscape
In the Rain
Red Deer
The Poor Land of Tirol
Blue horse I
Turm der blauen Pferde
Cows (Painting with Cows I)
The Fate of Animals
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March 2016: 100 years since the death of Franz Marc
March 2016 marks 100 years since the death of Franz Marc (German painter; 8 February 1880 – 4 March 1916):

Despite his early death at the Battle of Verdun on 4 March 1916, the German artist Franz Marc was able to pack his thirty-six years of life full of some of the most vibrant, thrilling artworks ever created.

We have chosen a tiny selection from his career, with plenty more available online.