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Portrait of the Editor of ‘Mondo Beat’ Magazine, Milan / Photo, 1960s
Milan, Italy.

Portrait of the editor of "Mondo Beat" magazine.

Photo, 1960s,
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Mario de Biasi
Born in Italy in 1923, Mario de Biasi joined 'Epoca' magazine in 1953. Over the next thirty years he worked for the magazine on numerous assignments around the globe. Amongst his most renowned work is a series of portraits and street scenes photographed in New York in the 1950s. In 2003, Mario de Biasi won a lifetime achievement award from FIAF (the Italian Federation of Photographic Associations).

As his friend Bruno Munari once wrote: “He photographed revolutions and famous people, unknown countries. He photographed erupting volcanoes and vast expanses of polar snow at sixty-five degrees below zero. The camera is now a part of his anatomy, like his nose or his eyes.”

Mario de Biasi passed away in 2013 at the age of 89.

The photographic works of Mario de Biasi are available for licensing through akg-images, thanks to our Italian partner archive Mondadori Portfolio.