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Hodler, Ferdinand; Swiss painter.
Bern 14.3.1853 – Geneva 20.5.1918.

“Self-Portrait”, 1892.

Oil on canvas, 33 × 24 cm.
Zurich, Kunsthaus.
Die Nacht
Berthe Jacques
Der Redner
Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau above the sea of fog
Schynige Platte
Thunersee mit Stockhornkette
Der Niesengipfel vom Heustrich aus
The Dents Blanches at Champéry
The Holy Hour (6–figure)
Die Empfindung I
The Chosen One
Jüngling vom Weibe bewundert II
Die Empfindung
The Dream
Woman shouting whilst turning
Studie zu Blick ins Unendliche
Woman striding with arms lifted
Woman with arms outstretched (Femme jouyeuse)
Rapturous Woman
Lied aus der Ferne
The Day
Frau mit Nelke II
Laetitia Raviola
Kopfstudie Augustine Dupin
Bildnis Valentine Godé-Darel
Bildnis Madame de R.
Gertrud Müller, Full figure
Portrait of Gertrud Müller
Portrait of Gertrud Müller in the garden, bust
The Truth II
Der Frühling
Lake Thun from the route to the Schynige Platte
Ufer am Äschisee
Lake Geneva seen from Saint-Prex
Lake Geneva with view of the Savoy mountains
Lake Geneva with Mount-Blanc
Landscape at Lake Geneva with view of the Wallis canton
Lake Geneva seen from Chexbres
Lake Geneva seen from Lutry
Lake Geneva seen from Caux
The Bay of Geneva with six swans in the foreground
Rhythmische Landschaft am Genfersee
Der Buchwald
Blühender Kirschbaum
Hofstatt mit Apfelbäumen
Landschaftlicher Formenrhythmus
Der Angler
Forest with Mountain Brook
Mountain Brook at Champéry
Felswand der Jungfrau
At the foot of Petit Salève
Jungfrau von Mürren aus
Die Jungfrau von Mürren aus
The Gantrisch
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May 2018: 100 years since the death of Ferdinand Hodler
May 2018 marks 100 years since the death of Ferdinand Hodler (Swiss painter; 14 March 1853 – 19 May 1918):

Ferdinand Hodler was one of the leading Symbolist painters of the late 19th century. His early works mostly consisted of portraits, landscapes, and genre paintings in a Realistic style. Later in life he adopted a personal style of Symbolism he called "Parallelism", a term he himself defined as the repetition of similar forms.