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Lady with a Fan (Anne Charlotte Gaillard)
Lady with a Fan (Anne Charlotte Gaillard)
Lady with a Fan (Anne Charlotte Gaillard)
Cassatt, Mary 1845–1926.
“Lady with a Fan (Anne Charlotte Gaillard) " (Lady with fan (Anne Charlotte Gaillard) ), c. 1880.
Oil on canvas, 82 × 65 cm.

New York,...
Dans la loge
Le Bain
Little Girl in a Blue Armchair
The Boating Party
Jenny and her sleepy child
Feeding the Ducks
Maternity (Mother Kissing Her Baby)
A Visitor in Hat and Coat Holding a Maltese Dog
Young mother sewing
Jeune fille au jardin, dit aussi Femme cousant dans un jard
Autumn or Portrait of Mademoiselle C.
Girl with banjo
Two Sisters
Portrait of a Woman
Sleepy Thomas Sucking His Thumb
Child on a Blue Cushion
Woman Playing with a Child
The Banjo Lesson
Woman and Child
The Coiffure
Alexander Johnston Cassatt
Young Lady Reading
Little Girl in a Bonnet with a Dog
Young Lady Reading
Under the Horse-Chestnut Tree
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Mary Cassatt, May 2019 - 175th Anniversary of her Birth
May 2019 marks 175 years since the birth of Mary Cassatt (American painter; 22 May 1844 – 14 June 1926):

Mary Cassatt travelled to France for her artistic training, where her talent was recognised by contemporaries like Edgar Degas. She consequently became the only American artist to exhibit with the Impressionists in Paris. Mary Cassatt's signature subjects were portrayals of women and children in everyday settings.