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Peter the Great / Houbraken
Peter I (the Great),
Tsar and Emperor of Russia,
Moscow 9.6.1672 – St. Petersburg 2.8.1725.


Engraving by Jacobus Houbraken
(1698–1780); coloured later....
Portrait of Tsar Peter the Great
Peter I amongst the rebels
Peter the Great founds Petersburg 1703
Peter the Great lights a fire at Krasnoy Gorka as a signal
Peter the Great at Deptford Dock
Peter the Great as carpenter
Peter the Great plants trees
Le Czar ou Grand Duc de Moscovie Pierre Alexionitz (..)
Tsarina Natalia Naryshkina, accompanied by the young Grand
Peter the Great
Czar Peter the Great welcomed by the Dutch East India Compa
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Peter I. von Russland (1672 - 1725)
June 2022 marks 350 years since the birth of Peter the Great (Peter I of Russia; Tsar of Russia from 1682 to 1725; 9 June 1672 - 8 February 1725):

Peter the Great was a skillful diplomat who expanded the Russian Tsardom into a much larger empire that soon became a major European power.
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