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Allied landings in Normandy / 1944
World War II / “D-Day”, Start of the Allied landings in Normandy under the command of General Montgomery,
6th June 1944.

US Troops leaving a landing craft.

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1944 - D-DAY
On June 6, 1944 began with the landing of the Allied forces in Normandy under the command of Gen. Montgomery, the war-critical construction of a second front against Germany in World War II. In more than 3,100 landing crafts, the first units crossed from Britain to France during the night of 6 June.

However, the breakthrough came only towards the end of June with the capture of the strategically important port city of Cherbourg. On July 31, 1944, the US forces then broke through the German front at Avranches and the road to the liberation of Europe was open.

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