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Glory to Stalin / Poster / 1951
Stalin, Joseph Soviet dictator; 1879–1953.

“Glory to Stalin, the great designer of Communism”. Poster. Design: B.Belopolski. Editing: M.Joffe. Moscow (state publisher...
Josef W. Stalin
Forwards, let us destroy the German Occupiers and drive them beyond the borders of our homeland!
The Big Oath
Under the Bnner of Lenin
J.W.Stalin giving a speech on 7th November 1941
A.M.Gorky reads his story ‘Death and the Maiden’ to J.W. St
Our wise leader, good teacher
Portrait of J.V.Stalin
Portrait by J.W.Stalin
Portrait of J.V.Stalin
Portrait of J.V.Stalin
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Josef Wissarionowitsch Stalin (1878 - 1953)
18. Dezember 2028 - 150. Geburtstag