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Nina Hagen – German singer
On March 11, 2020 Nina Hagen celebrates her 65th birthday.
Nina Hagen is born on 11.03.1955 in East Berlin. Her desire to become an actress is rejected by the authorities in the GDR, so that she makes a one-year training to state pop singer.
Her first release with the band automobile “You forgot the colour film” will be a great success.
After the expatriation of Wolf Biermann, Nina Hagen and her mother Eva-Maria, the longtime companion of Biermann, leave the GDR 1976. In 1981, her daughter Cosma Shiva is born. A media spectacle is the so-called “punk wedding” in Ibiza, when she marries the musician “Iroquois” from the London squatter scene.
In 1978, the Nina Hagen Band released the much acclaimed album of the same name, followed by the album “Unbehagen” (1979). After the break up of the Nina Hagen Band she releases solo albums such as “Nun, Sex, Monk, Rock” (1982) and “Angstlos” (1983), which establish her reputation as a style icon and “godmother of punk”. In 1985 she appears at the premiere of “Rock in Rio” in front of over 300,000 visitors. Her most recent album “Personal Jesus” was released in 2010 and is heavily influenced by gospel and blues.
Nina Hagen also appears regularly in theater, film and television productions. Brecht evenings, jury member pop stars or the role of the evil queen in the movie “7 Dwarves – Men Alone in the Forest” by Otto Waalkes show the whole range. She is also famous for her appearances on talk shows.