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Sturmflut 1962: überschwemmtes Anwesen bei Hamburg
Flutkatastrophe im Februar 1962 in Norddeutschland: überschwemmtes und beschädigtes Anwesen auf dem Land bei Hamburg
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Germany – storm surge on the North Sea coast
The storm surge of February 16th/17th 1962 is one of the worst flood disasters on the German North Sea coast in the 20th century.
As a result of the hurricane Vincinette it came to water levels, as they were never measured before. Most of the sea dikes could resist the flood. In the area of the Elbe and Weser river and their tributaries, numerous dikes burst and vast areas were flooded. Particularly affected was Hamburg, especially the district Wilhelmsburg. Helmut Schmidt, then Hamburg Interior Senator, became known nationwide through his courageous and successful crisis management. Altogether 340 dead died in the storm surge and damade added up to billions of Deutsche mark.