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Robert G. Mugabe / photo 1986
Mugabe, Robert Gabriel; Zimbabwean politician, Prime Minister of Zimbabwe 1980–1987, President 1987–2017; Kutama, South Rhodesia 21.02.1924 – Singapore 06.09.2019.

Robert Mugabe / Politician, President, Zimbabwe
Robert Mugabe / Politician, President, Zimbabwe
Olof Palme / politician, Sweden
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Robert Mugabe / Politician, Zimbabwe
Robert Mugabe, born on February 21, 1924 in the British colony of Rhodesia, works after his studies as a teacher, from 1958 in the newly independent Ghana.
During a holiday in Salisbury (Harare) he decides to get involved politically, first in the United National Independence Party, after its ban in 1961, at the Zimbabwe African People’s Union. After the ban on the ZAPU he goes into exile in Tanzania and becomes one of the political leaders of the independence movement of Rhodesia.
After the independence of Zimbabwe (1980), Mugabe surprisingly wins the parliamentary elections and becomes prime minister. In 1987 he is elected president. After economic and political successes in the first years of his reign, Zimbabwe increasingly developed into a dictatorship in the years that followed, geared exclusively to Robert Mugabe and his family. The opposition is being persecuted, there are serious human rights violations, the country is being ruined economically, and as a result people are suffering from severe famines.
After several unsuccessful attempts to overthrow Mugabe, he declares his resignation on 21.11.2017 under pressure from the military and parliament and goes into exile.
Died on 06.09.2019 in Singapur.