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Bombardment of Paris
Bombardment of Paris
Bombardment of Paris
Franco-Prussian War 1870/71.
Bombardment of Paris, end of December
1870 until surrender on 28.1.1871.

“Bombardment of Paris”.

Lithograph, coloured, Stuttgart
Le siege de Paris (1870–1871)
Napoleon III and Bismarck after the Battle of Sedan
Kaiser Wilhelm I with retinue at the Arc de Triomphe
Gloria Victis
Entry of the German troops into Paris on 1 March 1871
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1870/71 Franco-Prussian War
July 19, 2020 - before 150. anniversary
French declaration of war on Prussia

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Franco-German War, we look back into the history of this war and seek its legacy for Franco-German relations. The German victory in the Franco-German War of 1870/71 was France's Trauma. The military conflict made deep wounds. What matters is not only the military defeat, but also the "bloody foundation of the German Empire", in the historical center of power of Paris, the Hall of Mirrors of the Palace of Versailles, which gave the German Empire a fatal character.

Among the most important actors in this conflict were
Chancellor of the Reich OTTO VON BISMARCK,
Emperor WILLIAM I of Prussia,
the Chief of General Staff HELMUT VON MOLTKE
General Field Marshall ALBRECHT COUNT VON ROON

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