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Indien, Straßenszene in Madras mit Filmwerbung / Foto
Völkerkunde / Indien.

In Madras / Chennai (Tamil Nadu, Süd-Indien): Straßenszene mit einem Fuhrwerk vor einer gemalten Großwerbung für einen indischen Film.

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India's film industry in the Mumbai (the former Bombay) area is the largest in the world - currently about 200 to 250 Hindi films are produced annually. The term "Bollywood", which was created by Indian film critics in the 1970s as a cross between Hollywood and Bombay, is dismissed today by Indian filmmakers and the general public.

To be successful, each production should include all nine components of traditional Indian art ( Rasas): Love, humour, horror, anger, pathos, disgust, wonder, peace and heroism.
Although Bollywood films seem somewhat over the top and shrill for Western standards, they are gaining in popularity, not least because of their great success in Indian communities abroad.