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Mary, Queen of Heaven
Mary, Queen of Heaven
Mary, Queen of Heaven
Eyck, Jan van c. 1390–1411
(in collaboration with Hubert van Eyck).

“Mary, Queen of Heaven” (from the Deesis group; detail: head of Mary),

completed 1432.
The Last Supper
Christ and Buddha
Mary with Child and five angels
Mary with the Christ Child
Crucified Christ or The Yellow Christ
The Mourning of Christ
St. Andrew
Putto playing lute
The Holy Trinity
The Deposition from the Cross
Small Child (Tahitian Christmas)
Madonna dal collo lungo
Christ on the Cross
Salome Dancing
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Disrobing of Christ
Doubting Thomas
Madonna and Child, the boy John and two angels
The Temptation of St Anthony
Gero Cross
St. Jerome writing
The Wonder of St. Ignatius of Loyola
Cross beside the Baltic
Flagellation of Christ
Saint Theresa of Avila (1515–1582)
Madonna with Child and six Angels
The Sistine Madonna
Mary and Child, the boy John and two Angels
Christ Carrying the Cross
The Temptation of St Anthony
The Haywagon
The Return of the Prodigal Son
Madonna of Wladimir
The Annunciation
Krönung Mariä mit vier Heiligen
The Madonna of Chancellor Rolin
The Last Supper
St. Mary and child amongst angels with St. Mary Magdalen and
Christ on the Cross
John the Baptist as Youngster in the Desert
Madonna Doni
Archangel Gabriel
Salome with raised Platter
Christ after the deposition from the Cross
Creation of Adam
Christ on the Cross
Madonna under the Appletree
The Small Last Judgement
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